Hi I'm Mark and I'm a nerd!

I think this is where I'm meant to say that I was given a camera almost at birth and am passionate about photography and awards drip from my fingers like gold.

Hmm... Let me give you a more honest version...

Whilst I do indeed have a few pictures which I took when I was a child photography didn't come to me until I was at secondary school and I chose it as a study option. This was a huge deal to a geeky teenager: you got to go adventuring and leave school premises, in school hours, with the express permission of the teachers, and to go exploring to find things to take photos of.

The best bit was the darkroom. Nobody came near it (it was dark, stank of chemicals, and was full of nerds) and you could spend ages watching the magic of an image miraculously appearing in a developing tray. I was an explorer discovering magic secrets.

One day I took a photo of my grandad (below). It wasn't the best photo in the world but family loved it. And when he died I was asked for copies.

That's the point where I really understood the power of a photo.

That's what drives me to make the best images I can for you. Something I've been doing for wedding couples since 2006.

What do I stand for?

If you want to know a bit more about me go and have a look at my values page which tells you how I tick.

Effort rewarded

That bit about me being a nerd is true. I'm always trying to improve what I do. That's why I'm one of a select group of individuals who have been assessed and gained the distinction of becoming a Fellow of The Royal Photographic Society. I can't say it was easy but it's a lifetime ambition achieved. Read more about it here.

My grandad. I can see all the faults in this image but it still brings him back to me.



“It's been a loooooooong journey since that engagement shoot, but I knew from the minute we got engaged that there wasn't anyone else I wanted to have as our photographer. You taught me to smile in that session with Annie, and when I look back at photos before that time, I hadn't smiled, really smiled for years. Even now I see photos of now and wonder who on earth it is staring back at me 🤣
What you do is pure magic 🌟”